Hate "Auric Gates of Veles" Sporty Crop Top

Hate "Auric Gates of Veles" Sporty Crop Top

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New RockMark active wear line for woman of metal.  

Perfect when doing sport activities such as cross training, yoga, dancing, boxing or cycling. The material is flexible and adaptable, making you feel comfortable during any workout.

Polyester top with a softer, lighter feel.

All of our products are strictly limited and handmade in Europe.
Small Production ensure high quality standards.

This all-over might be slightly smaller than standard cotton shirt, please, check the size chart to get a right one

Please note, we are using European sizing. To avoid mismatch, returns and exchanges at additional cost, please open the product size chart, measure a clothing you own according to the instructions, compare the sizing with the table and then choose appropriate size.

DON'T CHOOSE A SIZE based on "because you usually wear XL".
There are so many sizing standards that the mismatch in this case is highly probable.

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